November 03, 2007

Tagged yet again.

Isn't this box pretty? I whipped it up origami style a few days ago and put in some treats for a gift, but then changed my mind and used a tin instead. Two sheets of 12x12 paper and a ribbon is all it takes! I re-learned how to do it on K Werner's blog. I say re-learned because I used to REALLY be into origami and making little boxes all the time as a teen. It just never occurred to me to make them larger using 12-12 paper!

I was tagged a few days ago by both Julee and Ema so here are yet another 7 randoms things about me. It's getting harder and harder to think of interesting things about myself, so let's hope this is the last round of this tagging game! I'm NOT passing it on!


1. I am basically blind in my right eye. I got my first pair of glasses when I was 4 and had to wear a patch over my good eye for a few years to make my "bad eye"stronger. Didn't work. And I looked awful too! Now I only occasionally wear glasses or contacts, and have been trying to strengthen my eye with natural exercises.

2. I am an awesome cook. I've been cooking meals since I was 7. I even started a small (one person!) catering business when I was in college. I would cater professor's parties and make $300 in a weekend. When I went vegan, I started cooking even more and have amassed a HUGE book full of original recipes with no meat/no dairy/no eggs included. I have stumped many people into thinking they were eating meat and/or dairy when they actually weren't!

3. I took ballet for a long time as a kid/teen, and at one point wanted to be a professional dancer. That went out the window when I realized my propensity to be overweight! I also took tap lessons a few years ago and LOVED it!

4. I fell off a 50 foot waterfall when I was a senior in HS, gouged out a piece of my shin on a shale cliff on the way down, landed in 6 inch deep water full of boulders and lived to tell the tale! Not only that, I had to climb back UP the waterfall, (while a piece of bloody "meat" was dangling from my leg), and then walk home more than a mile! I broke my toe, and still have the scar on my shin.

5. My husband is almost 3 years younger than me. We started dating in college when he was 17, and I was 20.

6. My dad once got drunk with John Wayne on "some green liquid" out west. (In know this one isn't about me, but I'm running out of ideas here!)

7. I HATE peanut butter.


Rose Ann said...

Your box is beautiful! I love reading your facts as well!

Julie Campbell said...

Dana! You've got some serious mojo going on! (LOVE the project!) I'm going to have to check out that link and try one of these!

I love reading about your 'random facts'! You have such a unique personality! My grandparents were farmers and passed on all of their recipes to my mom. So, growing up all we ate was meat, eggs, dairy, etc. -- whatever came from the farm. I wouldn't even know where to begin if I wanted to cook vegan! I wish I could try out some of your recipes! And you hate peanut butter!?! LOL! I just read that, looked over at my 2 yr. old and caught him digging in the peanut butter jar. Better go!

Em said...

Am just loving that box - gorgeous.

Am heaving after reading number 4 on your list...... YUK! you poor thing!

Aunt T said...

Great box. I just started making them myself. They sure are addicting :)


Heidi said...

Your box is very pretty. I love reading all of your random facts!!

Fruit species said...

Oh no, that fall was nasty! Btw, peanut butter is one of my fav :)

Ewokgirl said...

Pretty box!

I read your #1 on your list, and was nodding along because that's totally my story! Well, except that it's my left eye that's useless, I had glasses and a patch at 8, and I still wear glasses full time. I've just never known anyone else with the same vision problem!