October 04, 2013

Lifting you up!

Hey there!  How are things with you?
I'm going to share some personal stuff, so if you are only here for the details on the card above, scroll down!
Bad things come in threes or so I've heard.
 Monday night, (in a moment of pure stupidity) I agreed to take my two boys and their two friends out for pizza/bowling/arcade games. It was insanity at it's best. But the real trouble came when I was trying to teach my youngest how to play Skee Ball and I whacked my fingernail so hard against the lane that a big, painful blood blister formed instantly underneath the center of my nail and I swore so loudly that everyone in the arcade stopped and stared at me. Yep. I blushed and apologized, while my 8 YO gaped at me with wide eyed horror. It still throbs even now. 
Then, Tuesday morning I get to work only to discover that I'm officially furloughed but considered "essential" and still required to work. *sigh* As a single mom, I can't continue this way for long and still pay my bills. This US government shutdown is frustrating to say the least. I don't mind doing my civic duty, but working for no pay just isn't cool man. Not cool at all. 
And the piece de resistance happened yesterday... a car smashed into me and messed up my front end considerably. I was behind someone at a stop sign, when suddenly they threw it into reverse and floored the gas! I was laying on my horn but it clearly didn't help. *grumble* 

So Universe, I'm good now. Be on your merry way and take your troubles elsewhere, please!

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I love inking up multiple sentiments and making them work for one card. It's kind of a personal challenge sometimes:) After stamping the link style BG, I grabbed colorful inks for the focus panel and went to town. In retrospect, I wouldn't paper pierce the white panel, but I did and it's done, and I'm not changing it! The plum ribbon is May Arts,

Stamps used:

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Thanks for stopping by today, XOXO


Jennifer K said...

Sorry to hear about your crummy week. Blech! Hope things start to look up soon. :)

Paulina said...

Dana, I hate hearing you had a rough week. I agree, you have had your fair share and it's time for it to end now. :(

This card is beautiful. Love that pretty plum ribbon and looks perfect against the green paper!

I hope your weekend goes better that your week did. HUGS!

Christina said...

Oh no, Dana, I'm so sorry you've had a run of misfortune! It is incredibly frustrating knowing all of the lives that have been impacted by the government shutdown, and I hope that a resolution will be reached soon that will put you back on your feet. Thinking of you and sending hugs your way!