January 29, 2018

Wallpaper inspired

Hello there! 
I thought I'd post a card I made a week or so ago based on a wallpaper sample I saw on Pinterest. 

And here's the wallpaper sample I used as inspiration: 

Immediately, I was inspired to pull out some floral stamps, and a piece of lace. It was more difficult than I thought to get to ink colors right when stamping on medium grey cardstock though. Trial and error is a part of being creative but it can also be frustrating!

You can see I chose a lighter shade of grey for the vine images peeking out from under the florals. I didn't want them to be the focal point or be too distracting, and I have my floral cluster pointing upwards rather than down, like on the wallpaper. 

Anyway, it inspired me to dig for some more wallpaper samples and see how I could be inspired, and there are so many out there! I may just have to have a (personal) monthly challenge based on wallpaper samples!

What do you think?

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