January 12, 2008

Anything is possible

Happy Saturday!
We are doing a major purge at our house this weekend. Anything not useful is going OUT! I just feel the need to seriously declutter and start this year off on the correct foot. I'm not a knick-knacky type of girl anyway, but I've noticed that having children makes for MUCH more "stuff" around the house, garage, car, yard, etc. Not to mention that my oldest can't bare to throw anything away. "But mom, I can maybe take this apart and use this side for wings when I build an airplane in my workshop! Or, or how about...blahblahblah?" He says this about everything I try to throw away, including the envelopes from bills! This kid is impossible!

(which brings me to my post this morning: Anything is Possible)

I made this card after an impulse buy from the clearance table at Borders. These small, thick, felt shaped stars were just calling my name! *grin* I turned two of them over and stamped on them using my Seeing Stars clear stamp set from Verve Visual. Then I mounted them on tags that I punched and matted and stamped with the swirly stamp. I sewed a piece of Daisy Bucket Designs PP (from the Rock Star Collection) to some white CS and adhered it to my black card base. While searching for some pink colored ribbon I came across this polka-dot ribbon that I've had for ages and couldn't believe how PERFECT it was!
I hand cut the ovals after stamping the sentiment, and then thought to add some tiny ribbon to the three tags.
Wanna know another secret? I always thought that the Fastenater Decorative Stapler was ridiculous, but I secret coveted the fun colored staples that I kept seeing. That is, until I figured out a simple, cheap way to make my own! I just open my stapler, use a sharpie permanent maker and color a few in the exact color I'm looking for! Hence the bright green of the staples holding the black ribbon in place! Clever, no?

I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend! See you on Monday!


Em said...

WOW this funky card has really brighten my day!

Love the colours, the bright pink is my favourite.

I know exactly what you mean about the nightmare of de-cluttering, I always try and do my son's when he is at school otherwise he is just the same as yours... things he has not seen for 5 years - "but that is my best toy in the World" - yeah right lol! GOOD LUCK!

Shannan said...

Good luck decluttering! You can come over and declutter here too if you want! ;)
Love this card...and you're a genius for the staple idea!

malieta said...

This card is adorable Dana...I love the colors!
BTW....would you care to stop by and help me get rid of the clutter in my house? *smile* I usually save mine for Spring Clean-up and I am over whelmed by the stuff we accumulate around here.

Martha said...

One crafter's clutter is another crafter's treasure. I'm on the side of the keeper (unfortunately).
Good luck and glad to have you back blogging. Can't wait to see you and hubby and kids.

Corie said...

Love this card -- so bright and cheerful, great sentiment too!!

Julee T. (Shadowcatcher) said...

Such a fun card! Love the colors and design. I made the same impulse buy at Borders, but sadly mine still sit unopened on my neglected craft desk! I tagged you in this post. If you've got some time, feel free to play along.

SmilynStef said...

Your staple idea is fabulous ... and I love the sort-of 80's neon feel of this design ... very fun.

Dee said...

Loving this Dana! what a fun card. I really like the colors and all the details, great stitching