January 14, 2008

Tagged and a Valentine

I was tagged by Julee of Verve Visual and PoeticArtistry fame (I know, I use that phrase almost every time I refer to her, but she IS famous in my book!) so I'm playing along here. If you want, feel free to skip over this part to see the card!

1. Name your two favorite scrapbooking topics?
Considering that I've only ever made 3 scrapbook pages in my entire life, and TWO of them weren't for me, I don't know. But when I look at other folk's SBs, I like reading the heartfelt honest journaling.

2. What are the two best places you've been to? Wow. Best can mean a lot of different things...I guess touring around China was cool, and I LOVED the time I spent in Costa Rica, but my favorite place to go/be/visit is my home: The Fingerlakes in upstate NY.

3. Name two things you do every day? Brush my teeth and drink LOTS of water.

4. Tell us two things that everyone pretty much knows about you? I'm an animal rights activist, and I LOVE to cook!

5. Two places you wish to visit? Venice, and New Zealand.

6. Two things you may not know about me are: I am the ultimate Balderdash player (I usually win), and I can't stand to use blue ink pens.

7. Two nicknames you've had at some time in your life: Sunshine and sweetpea.

8. Name two of your favorite drinks? Room temp water, and homemade freshly squeezed orange juice.

9. What are two interesting (in a good or bad way) jobs you've had in your life? I taught 1-2nd grade in a private Jewish academy and although most of my students could speak English, their parents could not. I learned a lot more Hebrew than I knew previously! At 14 I started working in the vineyards tying grapevines...let me tell you how HARD this actually is to do! Standing in a row reaching above your head and being cut all over your hands for 8 hours is no small feat!
10. What are two things you would like to learn? Fluent Russian, and to play the violin.

11. What two things would make your scrapping/stamping work space work even better for you? A personal secretary/organizer! and to purge a ton of dated stickers, paper and embellishments.

12. What are two of your best organizational tips for stampers that do not have a lot of space? Don't fall prey to the "newest, coolest"; stick to what YOU like to work with, use-up things before buying more!

13. What are your two favorite stamping toys? Versamark ink: couldn't live without it! and my stamp-a-ma-jig.

14. Here's my added question...If you could have TWO super-powers, what would they be? I've always wanted the ability to talk/communicate with animals, and I'd LOVE to be able to time-travel.

Okay, now that I'm done with my answers, I'm supposed to tag two people to answer the above questions and then to also add a question of their own. The only requirement is that the question must be in twos. I'm going to tag Mary because she needs to update her blog desperately, and Alli (because I secretly want to be as creative as she is!).
Here's the card I wanted to share with you today. I was going for a free-hand, weathered sort-of feel for this. I didn't quite succeed, but who cares, right? I had fun!
My favorite part was stamping the sentiment on and acetate sheet and then brushing some white acrylic paint on the back to make it show up when I glued it to the middle heart. I was so pleased with that little step! Stamps are by Verve Visual, this set is called Heart to Heart.


Flossie's Follies said...

This is so pretty, love those heart stamps.

Marlou said...

this is beeeautiful Dana!! and I cant do without my versafine inks either [lol} xx

Em said...

These colours are just so lovely Dana, really romantic and soft iykwim.

malieta said...

Very nice card and I loved reading your tag information.

Julee T. (Shadowcatcher) said...

Thanks for playing! I always love learning more about you. I love the dainty little white border around your card. I totally thought you had sewed that on until I looked a little closer. Very cool card!

Dee said...

beautiful! I really like the piercing around the hearts