August 15, 2012

Craft Dash challenge #1

I'm joining in the first ever CRAFT DASH today with a bunch of other crafty friends, and we want YOU to play along!

Did you read that correctly? 
It's a 10 minutes craft dash to get your creative spirit flowing and just play with paper/stamps/ink/etc for 10 minutes. And whatever you come up with: a card, a tag, a SB page, or whatever floats your boat, is what we post!

I took a photo of my work space right before I started this challenge...
*groan*'s a bit...shall we say, messy? *chuckle*
No judging!

Before beginning, I set myself a ground rule. Everything I used had to be in sight. 
I couldn't go to my shelves and grab a certain stamp, or a bottle of glitter, or an embellishment. All product had to come from within my reach and within my sight:)

So I started my stopwatch, and managed to create this slightly awkward card you see above. *smile* I really wanted to break my own personal ground rule and get into the box of Prima flowers I have on a shelf nearby, and also to dig through my PP collection, but I didn't.
Stamp used is from WPlus9. 

As I was finishing the card up, I really wanted to add a spray of rhinestones but since I couldn't see or reach them, I went with a previously die cut flower stem that was under a pile of scraps.

What do you think? 
Want to join in the fun?
There is a prize...!!!!

Doesn't that look spectacular? *grin*
The challenge will run for 10 days, so you have until August 25.

Be sure to stop by the blog and see what this new CRAFT DASH challenge is all about!
You will see lots of designers playing along, and have a chance to link up your own 10 minute creation!

Oh, and for the record, this card took me 8 minutes and 19.6 seconds! *smile*
See the proof?

Hope you'll join in the fun!

Thanks for stopping by,


JanR said...

Cool idea....though I'm not sure I could "let go" enough to make a 10 minute card and then post it for the world to see. Maybe I could give it a go and by my 5th 10 minute card I'd have one suitable to be shown. lol

Pretty card, that sentiment is sweet!

Elena said...

HA! I'm in love with the messy desk pictures - my desk looked like that too at the end :)

Paulina said...

First of all, you are so brave to post a picture of your work desk! I must say, all that gorgeous ribbon has me drooling!

GREAT card, Dana. Super fun layout and I really like all the different elements you added- with time to boot even!

Thank you for helping me and Ginny kick off this first challenge- you are such a sweetheart. *hugs*

Tina M said...

The card turned out great! I can't believe you even made it harder on yourself with the "in reach" rule...sucker for punishment, aren't you!?

Girl, I have to admit, your desk makes me cringe, but us crafters just don't always have time or space to put things right! Good for you for showing our "darker" side, hehehehe.

Lisa said...

I like that your little paper trimmer and score buddy are perched on top of your crafty explosion Dana! Your card turned out great and good for you to stay within those strict guidelines of not reaching beyond your reach!

Jackie Rockwell said...

Your craft space looks like mine after I make a card! LOL! LOVE the lavender color and the delicate white flower!!!

Rose said...

goodness girl you are brave to join this challenge!! i would only have the cardbase to show after 10 mins!!! *sad but true* i am a sloooow crafter! lol

your card turned out to be very pretty and i am loving how you did the sentiment in between the paper :)

Joyce said...

Fun idea and very pretty card. Your craft space is giving me the hives! I guess I really am OCD...

Ginny Larsen said...

8 minutes! that's AWESOME! i love your card (and your self-imposed rules)... i've gotta say that with a different card, i went digging for an embellishment that wasn't on my desk, and BOY, was i stressed OUT about the time limit.

love your purples, and i think that flower is PERFECT for this card :D

thanks so much for joining us with the challenge!

~amy~ said...

Aren't you clever! Use what on your desk!!!! awesome card Dana!

Suzanne D. said...

Dana, this is beautiful!! I love the sentiments and the colors, and the paper is gorgeous.

Marlena M. said...

Hey, that looks like my desk (minus the gorgeous ribbon and ink stacks). Your card has amazing layers~can't believe you did that in the short amt of time~wow.

Ruza Rebel said...

Lovely card!
Your desk looks somewhat like mine! But I will clean it up before I start crafting this weekend. Drives me nuts to have it looking the way it does! ;o)

Erin (Homemade Cards by Erin) said...

Glad to see the mess :)

Kelly S. said...

Now now, you have some ROY G BIV action going on in this picture, so you are technically not allowed to say "messy" with that organizational piece, heeeee! I've missed stopping by, Dana! I was scrolling through all of the pics with your lovely colorful projects! This lavender card is delish with the sweet flowers to match the patterned paper!