October 01, 2012

Color challenge

Monday again? Ugh. Back to the grindstone! 

I had a strange weekend. Let me share a bit...
Friday night I went to an incredible concert that made my heart full and my spirit sing (The Indigo Girls with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra). Then I proceeded to run from a potential mugger on my way back to my car, get lost driving alone in inner city Buffalo, nearly run out of gas, get gas and drive an hour, then pick up my kids around midnight, drive a half mile and hit a deer (for the first time in my life), smash up my 9 month old new car, get placed on hold with the insurance company for TWELVE MINUTES after choosing option #1 to "report an accident", finally get help from a Sheriff that saw my flashers only to discover that my vehicle registration had expired last week. *sigh*
After finally getting home and putting the kiddos to bed around 1:30 in the morning, I realized I should be thankful that none of us were hurt and that the sheriff let me slide without a ticket and that at least I HAVE insurance. But alas, I was on the phone with Progressive the next day (Saturday) for 2 hours only to discover that they DROPPED my comprehensive collision insurance 2 weeks ago (without informing me) and would NOT be covering the damages.
*insert expletives here*
Life is grand though:) 
And in other news I wimped out and turned my heat on this Sunday *shiver*

But you didn't come here to listen to my sob story, so lets get a move on, eh?

If you are in a fall mood, why not join us for the Denami color challenge happening right now on the Denami blog? There are prizes to be had, so give it a shot!

Denami products used:

Be sure to see all the gorgeous samples by the design team on the blog too.
So much inspiration:)

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Lynn said...

Oh my goodness Dana. So glad you are all okay. Sending you positive thoughts!

Your card is beautiful.

~amy~ said...

Oh Dana...Hang in there...awesome tropical card!

Jen W. said...

Indigo Girls = Awesomeness!

The rest of it = Nightmare!

So sorry for all the drama but am glad you and the kids are okay. I hate insurance companies...

Love your card though... :)

Jennifer K said...

Oh man, Dana. Sounds like quite an adventure. So sorry about the accident and insurance fiasco but glad no one was hurt. (((hugs))) to you.

Lisa said...

DANA! Holy cow girl what a nightmare. Thank goodness you are all ok. Sending a big ol' hug your way.

Now about this card. So pretty and vibrant. Makes me think of Thanksgiving in Hawaii...sigh...wouldn't THAT be great!

Paulina said...

Oh my word, Dana, this story is not one I wanted to read....I am SOOOO glad you and the boys are okay, but I feel for you. How is that even possible for them to drop coverage without your consent?!

This card is stunning, as usual. I NEVER would have paired up the hibiscus for a thanksgiving card, but it's so fun! FAB job on the colors in the challenge!

Kim S said...

I am going to print a copy of your night and read it when I think I am having a bad day!!! It's amazing you could come up with this cheerful card!

Ruza Rebel said...

First ... I'm very happy to hear that everyone is okay!

Second ... how can they drop your Comprehensive coverage on a 9-mos old car w/out informing you. I would contact an attorney about that.

Third ... your card is simply gorgeous and I'm hoping I have time to play along!


Inkyfingers said...

Oh my! I think I would need to lie down in a darkened room for a week after a night like that. I hope that sorting out the aftermath isn't driving you crazy. I love the gorgeous card you made and hope making it took you to a happier place for a while.