April 09, 2007

Simple animal-free easter...almost.

We had a lovely Easter and hope all of you did also. Due to the 6 inches of snow on the ground we didn't have our regular egg hunt outside. Instead my husband and I hid a TON of treat/toy-filled eggs all over the house Saturday night and the kids went 'hunting' on Sunday morning. 3 eggs are still missing! Oops. *chuckle*
I usually 'go all out' on holidays and spend days cooking and preparing, but I decided that I wanted to keep it simple for Easter this year, so it would be less hectic for me (the cook)! I prepared a vegan seitan "ham" on Saturday and chilled it overnight so it would firm up. Then on Sunday I popped it into the oven with some pineapple and made some smashed baby red potatoes with chives, and steamed some asparagus while the ham was roasting. Ahhhh, a nice, simple Easter dinner.Please ignore the wrinkles in my tablecloth. I forgot to get it out on Saturday and iron it! And I surprised everyone with dessert this year. I usually make an adult type desert because the candy and toy filled Easter baskets are plenty fun enough for the kids, but I changed my typical Easter Cheesecake into this fun bunny cake!
It's a home made vegan carrot cake with vegan cream-cheese filling and frosting, sprinkled with toasted coconut. The marshmallow ears and cheeks are not vegan however, so they were given to our 7 year old dinner guest.


InspiredByInk said...

Where was my invitation??? You old softie... see what a great parent you are??? Not even 1 month being a parent and you went for the 'silly' easter dessert. LOVE the rabbit! woo hoo. I sure hope we can get together this summer!

hugs to ya girlfriend!


XOXOXOXO said...

Looks yummy, and that cake is great! Reminds of the ones MY mom used to make!! YAY!

Debbie said...

It all looks oh, so delicious! What a wonderful meal it must have been.
Kudos to you!