May 28, 2007

GUEST BLOGGER- altered frame

Halloooo Everyone!
Sorry I don't have something *really cool* to show you but I'm fighting a sinus infection which is a really wicked one! Sigh... I miss Dana already! Well, enough sniveling! I FINALLY got to edit her info and put that missing 't' in lef-handed... that was driving me CRAZY... but I'm uber anal about those kinds of things. That's what I used to 'be' before becoming a domestic engineer! heehhe

I can't believe Dana has got to go to China! I'm 1/2 chinese for those of you who don't know me. My mum is from Taiwan and is, in fact, going there to visit her dad this summer! I went with my parents and little sister about 7 years ago. LOVE the food and the culture! Sooo... if you want some good recipes, let me know. I have the recipe for making pot stickers and they are dee-lish!

Okay, so here's a pic of a frame I made for a 1 for 1 swap. I never did get my 'one' back! But I did like making this frame. I don't remember where the stuff is from as this was before my 'writing the recipe down' phase! It is also a NON SU item. I do have non SU stuff and would be happy to post. Some times I do feel 'pressured' to post mostly SU stuff bc I am a demo and my customers do look at my site... sigh... oh well. I am working on a Bella card for a swap so I will post that too after I'm finished!

Have a great week! What's in store for me this week? I've got a Pampered Chef party to go to tomorrow, and my DD's 4th birthday coming up on Saturday. My DH is home all week so I'm SURE that will throw my whole groove off!

Let me know if there are any questions you have for me! I will try and answer them all and I will even be trying add a variety of pics... not just cards! hehehe



Debbie said...

Hi Bobbie!
So nice of you to fill in for Dana while she's away. I don't have any questions at this point, just wanted to say hello & send you get well wishes. Hope you're feeling better in no time. :))

Heidi said...

Hey Bobbie! Great post! I love this picture frame. The color combo is so pretty and gotta love all the primas!! Can't wait to see more pictures!! Hope you have a great week!