May 25, 2007

On leave and a guest blogger.

As some of you know, my DH and I are going to China for two weeks on tour with our old college choir. *I'm dancing with excitement* We will return on June 12, and this blog will be back to our not-so-regularly scheduled program.
While I am gone there will be a guest blogger here! Her name is Bobbie, and although she has a blog of her own, she has graciously offered to post some of her creations here periodically. She is quite talented, and will most likely offer a different perspective than I normally do. This is a tall order, because I consider my work to be pretty eclectic!
Everyone, please welcome your guest blogger, Bobbie, of Inspired by Ink.
*big round of applause for Bobbie*


InspiredByInk said...

You are SILLY! hehehe

Thanks so much and you better have a safe trip and eat some GOOD chinese food for me! Get a baa-bow lie-cha for me !!!



Jan Scholl said...

Have fun-be safe. I say you might bump into my hubby but he will be in the plant and probably not do anything else but work-which is one of the reasons I don't go. He does the same thing here too. Boring!!!

Debbie said...

Will miss you while you're gone, but I'm sure you'll have a great time. Maybe you'll be able to bring us back some delicious tasting recipes from China! :)

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