June 07, 2007


Hey there,
Busy as a bee here and missin' Dana to boot! Here's a Bella card I made for a private swap I'm in. I participated in my very FIRST VSN (Virtual Stamp Night) on SCS, posted a Bella card for one of the challenges and VOILA! I received a private message inviting me to participate in a Private Bella Swap. Can't wait to get those gals back! I don't have many of them but love them all just the same!

Have you checked out the Bella website? Emily's FAB site? Check it out! It's the Stamping Bella! Which has bloomed from 8 little o'le customers to lord knows how many now! Too many to count that's for shore!

I used some Chatterbox paper I've had and bazzill paper. I put stickles on her purse and bling on her bag (though I don't think I like it too much). The 'Party girl' stamp is one of the Studio G $1 acrylics from Michaels. The flower brad is from Michaels too and I don't remember where I got the orange organza ribbon. I think it was from a ribbon swap I participated in online. Hope you like the card!!

Anyways, we're off to the library to watch a magic show. Should definitely be a jungle over there!!


Debbie said...

Hello fellow Hoosier! :)
I absolutely love this card--
I seriously wish I had the time to do more card making, but more than time, I lack resources, or rather supplies. lol

How you and Dana afford all the stuff to make these great cards is mind boggling. However, it sure makes me happy to see such great, hand-made creations. Keep up the good work! :)

Jen said...

That is so cute! I love the dotted paper. Adorable!

Karen said...

I love this card. When I sit down to use the Bella's I always think "pink". Great job

Anonymous said...

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