June 13, 2007


Woo hoo, Dana's finally HOME! I'm sure she's got a bit of jet lag and will need a day or two to 'get back into the groove' of things! Sorry I didn't post much but summer has a way of making one busy... especially w/ 2 kids under 5.

Lgirl (my 4 yr old) is taking a class at the local Parks n Rec department called Great Gobs of Ooey Gooey Fun! The first day she came home w/a rubber glove w/frozen water in it. She was told that when melts she could poke holes in the fingers and squirt them at someone... luckily she's kind of forgotten about that one lol.

She's also come home with homemade play doh, CLEAN sand (she emphasizes this every time), silly putty and crystals that have a worm in it. TODAY is a picture made with homemade 'glossy' paint and 'sticky' paint. That sticky paint is made w/sweetened condensced milk, so you can just imagine how sticky it really is!

I spoke w/Dana and she will need the rest of the week to recover at work I think. Maybe even more time. Let's all hope those creative juices are flowing again. She is glad to be home... you don't know what you have until you visit a foreign country! hehehe

Have a great week everyone!

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