October 19, 2007

Green Smoothies and pumpkins

Let me preface this card by saying that I am not the best color-er! I know how I want it to look in my head, but can't achieve it on paper.I stamped the pumpkin from Papertrey's Spooky Sweets set on white with Versamagic chalk ink three times and cut them out. Then I glued them onto a larger piece of white CS, overlapping to look like they were in a pile. I then attempted to use prismacolor pencils to color on top of them to give depth and shading (no laughing allowed!). I added the stems, the face, some sponging around the edges, the sentiment, and some "dirt" to ground them and then matted the whole shebang with black.
Because I only have one small oval punch, I had to hand cut the other two to mat the BOO sentiment. Add some ribbon, a few eyelets and it's done!
I'm not sure of the color of the card base, but I know it's SU. I love this pale apricot color so much! It's the color of the walls in our living room (actually, it the color of the paint that I bought a few years ago to paint the living room with, it's still in the cans at this point *rolling my eyes*)!

I have the day off today, because it's Superintendents day for our 8 year old and there is no school. Our littlest (2) has been asking for a week now to go "pumpkin shopping", so I want to take the kids to pick out pumpkins. I also need to buy some groceries. I hate when we run out of soymilk, bananas and spinach! We drink a raw green smoothie every morning for breakfast at our house. The first words out of the 2 year old when I wake him up in the morning are"Mommy gonna make smoothie?" as he wipes sleep from his eyes.
I promise it's not as gross as it sounds...want my recipe?
Dana's Green Smoothie
In a high powered blender (we have a Blendtec but a Vitamix would work as well), put:
2 cups washed baby spinach leaves
1 cup torn kale leaves
2 peeled bananas
1-2 cups of any other fruit (we use what's in season, so right now it's apples and pears)
2 cups fresh water
1-2 cups ice cubes (we only use these if the bananas aren't frozen)

You might like it! We love them, and even my husband likes them. In the summer we use different seasonal greens (dandelion greens, mizuna, mustard greens, choi, red-leaf lettuces, etc.) and different fruits (but ALWAYS 2 bananas) like blueberries, kiwis, pineapple, grapes, etc.
Grapes and apples are a good combo with the greens, as are pineapple and kiwi. And I toss in whole washed organic strawberries in the spring too, don't bother hulling them, the green part is good for you! (our oldest is allergic to strawberries so I don't use them for him.)
Have a great Friday!


chelemom said...

What an awesome card! So cute!

Julie Campbell said...

Ok. First of all... LOVE your pumpkins! I can't believe how realistic they look!

And second... how in the WORLD do you get your kids to even try something like that? LOL! I could see mine vomiting just by looking at it! Sounds interesting. I'd try it!

InspiredByInk said...

Beautiful card! Is it ironic that the color of the CS is APRICOT APPEAL?? heheh Or kismet? bwahhahhhahahaa

Any who. I love it. Okay, I'm off to make scrambled eggs for the MOPS meeting that starts at 9am and we have to go take care of a cat and drop off some SU stuff. And that's all before 11am! wheew!

Have a GREAT day pumpkin picking! Hugs to ya.

Pegg S said...

Great card!! Thanks for sharing that smoothie recipe - will have to try it. I am so impressed your kids enjoy it. Love hearing that!! My Mom loves to make veggie/fruit smoothies in her Vitamix but she has never incorporated greens. I'll have to share this with her.

Shannan said...

Dana, this is sooooo pretty!! I love it!

Flossie's Follies said...

This card is fantastic, love your coloring.

Ema said...

I think your pumpkins came out wicked awesome! I would never have guessed that you "made" them look like that! Great work!

malieta said...

I love your pumpkin card....so cute!

Dee said...

Oh Dana, I love this card!! I really like the colors and your coloring looks wonderful:) You're way to hard on yourself!!
I think it's wonderful your kids like that drink. How in the world did you come up with it? I was with ya until I saw banana's I can't stand them:)
I would love to hear some others without the nana's. You know my heart Doctor would be so happy!!

Mary said...

This card is really cute! I like the smiley pumpkin and the ribbon, and the simple-ness of it all!! And take it from me, folks, those green smoothies ARE good...I wonder how a little pumpkin in there would taste? LOL!

Rose Ann said...

Oh...I love your PT pumpkins all stacked together like that! Your card is awesome!

Corie said...

WOW your pumpkins look so real -- them seem to pop off the page.

Kathy W said...

I'm another poster who finds your coloring and pumpkins awesome. What a wonderful Halloween/autumn card. Thanks for sharing.