February 14, 2008

Happy St. Valentine's day!

I'm home with two sick children today. NO fun, let me tell you. I was up all night making cupcakes and hand-stamped goody bags for them to take to school and day-care, and now it was all for naught! I made heart-shaped pink pancakes for breakfast, drizzled with local honey and sprinkled with teeny candy hearts and my 8 year old couldn't even eat 3 bites. That's how I knew he was sick! My children RARELY get sugar from me, and NEVER food dye, so to have both in front of him and not eating it was a clear indication that things were not well in the stomach. He asked me to go to school for him today because he was so proud of the cupcakes (I'm that mom who send in only healthy treats, like cut fruit, nuts, whole clementines, air-popped popcorn), and he said "Can you go to school and get my valentines and hand out the cupcakes?" Poor baby. The little one has a temperature, but he ate the pancakes!
I hope you have a wonderful St. Valentine's Day filled with love.

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Julie Campbell said...

Uh oh! It sounds like you've been hit by the bug too! I hope your boys get better really soon! Maybe they can bring their treats late? :)