February 17, 2008

A little bit political...

I'm so behind the times. Seriously. We don't have TV, haven't for quite a few years, so I get my news online and from AM talk radio (which I'm addicted to!). Forgive me if this is old news...just saw this video today on Youtube and wanted to share. I've been a "Mama for Obama" since he first appeared on the scene, but this video/song/speech really hit home with me.


Anonymous said...

wow. yes we can.

Heidi said...

What a great video!

Hey Dana!!
I love the new look on your blog and I love your picture!! You are soooo pretty!! Girlfriend you are doing some amazing design work!! I love your quickie card and ATC note cards they are so colorful-love the bright colors! Your button card is so pretty, love all of the ivory buttons. The Valentine for your mom is so pretty-I love the stamp.

I just came home from CHA this past week so I am trying to get caught up with everything. Hope you and your family are doing great!!
have a wonderful week!!


malieta said...

Hi Dana!
Thank you for sharing the video...very cool! I can't imagine living without my television. It keeps me company. lol