September 18, 2011

Birthday Party

My youngest is headed to a birthday party for his classmate today. 
The birthday girl is turning 8, and I wanted to make her a fun card but also something a bit more grown-up. She's new in the school, so he wasn't sure what she liked, but I thought brights would work, *fingers crossed*

I even stamped the inside! (and drew tiny purple flowers with a glitter pen.) youngest asked if he could make her a card too.
He loves to stamp with me and make cards, so I said yes and he got to work.

Before I show you what he made, let me tell you that he's only 6, and did everything by himself (except for the dispensing of glue). 
He picked the papers, the colors, inked and stamped the stamp himself, did most of the punching (I helped with the border), and decided on the placement of each item. 
He even took the photo on his own using my iphone.

Isn't this great?
I was so proud of him!
And when he was done he was pretty happy with it, saying, "It's good Mama, just like one of yours!" 
*sniff sniff*
I'll leave you with a photo of my boys early this month.

Thanks for stopping by today!
Hope you have a good one,


Anonymous said...

your boys are adorable and the card your son made is amazing. he has real talent!

Kim S said...

I miss the days when my boys would craft with'll have to encourage him because with that grin, he could be the future "Tim Holtz" type who is adored by so many female crafters!! And he clearly has talent!

Your card isn't bad either!!! (It's gorgeous and into my CASE files!)

Kara said...

how sweet!! he did such a great job!!love yours too...the brights are perfect!

Christina said...

What a talented little guy! I'm sure the birthday girl will adore both of your cards, and how thoughtful of your son to make one himself. Such a great pic of your boys together!

JanR said...

He made a fabulous card! I love that pic of your sons.

Joyce said...

Love the card you made, but, have to say that the card your son made is so fabulous. Clearly, your talent is rubbing off on him. And, he's only 6! That picture of your boys in the field of sunflowers is stunning. They look like such nice kids.

Lindsay said...

Super fab cards Dana and oh my look at that field of sunflowers! Awesome! Your boys are too cute too! Thanks for sharing!

Mara... said...

Your card made me smile, the colors are so bright and fun!! And I adore the card your son made, it's great! I love crafting with my kids. Love the sunflower photo, too!!

~Tammy~ said...

How very precious! Love both cards and there is NO WAY I would have guessed a 6 year old made that!!! Sure put a much needed smile on my face today! :-) Those precious faces amongst the beautiful sunflowers is priceless!

Dana said...

I'm *sniff* ing myself here! I love moments like that with the kiddies!!

Ruza's Craft Corner said...

You cards is so pretty, and your son did an awesome job creating his card!! Love them both!
Love the pictures of the boys with the sunflowers!! ;o)

Jen W. said...

Uh oh I think you have some serious competition! LOL! Both cards are gorgeous and I'm super impressed with your little guy's efforts! Wow!

HockeyScrap said...

I started papercrafting when my girls were teenagers and never could get them to join with me in crafting. Your card is a beautiful. You son did a wonderful job. I'm so impressed.

Jen Carter said...

Wow!! I am so impressed with your sons card!! That is terrific!! He nailed that background, lined it up perfectly!! Wonderful work!!

Your card is so pretty! I love the fun, bright colors and that you drew the purple flowers with a pen!!

Great picture of your sons!! LOVE the sunflower field!

Jen said...

This is an absolutely amazing photo!

Rae said...

What a great card your little one made! I'd say he is definitely on his way. Love your cards, too!