February 14, 2017

St. Valentine

I know St. Valentine's Day gets a lot of flack nowadays. It seems to be the "in" thing to poo poo on this day of love. 
But I like it! A day meant to actually tell our loved ones that we love them is a good thing! I think we forget all too often that hearing the words is necessary. And seeing them written down is even better:)

This card is for my mom. She's amazing. She actually has EVERY valentine I've ever made her since I was a very, very small girl.
I credit my mom for fostering in me a love of handmade cards. She's the reason I'm a part of this hobby in the first place! As a little girl, she was adamant that I had to make greeting cards for my family on holidays. Mostly St. Valentine's Day, but also for other occasions as well. She would give me paper, lace doillies, pieces of foil, colored pencils, and scrap ribbons from her sewing basket and tell me to "make something nice for your grandmother" or whomever. *smile*

I love my mom. She's the best. 

This card uses stamps from Papertrey Ink called Fresh Bouquet.

I hope you have a lovely St. Valentine's Day and that you tell your loved ones how you feel!


~amy~ said...

Yay for your Mom! This is a beauty Dana!

Cindy H. said...

Dana, your card is just gorgeous! Love the feminine design and the soft colors.