April 09, 2008

Miss you guys!

Hey all!

Long time no post. I'm sure you can understand how a few things can just slip away so easily! While I do have lots of creations to share, my camera isn't with me at the moment, so they will have to wait!
The kids are going to "Grandma Camp" tonight for 5 days, so my DH and I are super-thrilled to have a few days to ourselves! I'm busy packing and doing laundry right now during my lunch break, but as soon as this next load gets switched over, I've got to run back to work.

We are all going on vacation next Tuesday, so I won't be posting next week (unless I get in gear and schedule some pre-written ones!).

Oh, and have you heard about the new site for sending and accepting money? Paypal fees drive me nuts, and obviously I wasn't the only one because RevolutionMoneyExchange.com is now in Beta form. YAY! no fees!
If you sign up right now, they will deposit $25 into your account. It's totally free to open an account and make 25 BUCKS! I did it yesterday and I promise you get your money. *grin*

Check it out! click the green button below!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

*sigh* there is nothing like a making money for just signing up for something you will undoubtably use anyway. This is my kinda deal.
I'll be back soon with photos.