September 15, 2008

Don't blame me

if you don't leave your computer for days because of this little black box.

This thing is seriously addicting. I keep going back for more and more.
If you are interested in discovering new blogs about things you never imagined, then click "decide" and see where it takes you. This thing will broaden your blog-horizons and get you out of your comfort zone! Plus, you can add your own "deciding factor" and link it back to your blog so others might arrive there too!

Have fun, but don't blame me...

September 03, 2008

First Day Back

Today is Crumbgrabber's first day of third grade. He is delighted to be going back to school; new backpack, new school supplies, not wearing "play-clothes", etc. Then, I remembered that my camera is broken. Oops. So much for the requisite "first day" photo! Here's one from a month ago instead...

Now you know the title of this post has double meaning because I've been an anti-blogger for a few months now, so to welcome myself back to the blogosphere I made cupcakes. (I've been making a LOT of cupcakes this summer.)

These were Peanut Butter cupcakes, with chocolate hazelnut mousse filling, marshmallow buttercream frosting, and topped with dark chocolate shavings.

Um yeah. *drool*

BUT....I detest peanut butter, so they had to be enjoyed by everyone but me. I was told they were "magnificent" and "best ever", so I'll have to take my husband's and 9 year old's word for it!

Here I am filling the cupcakes with the mousse.
All filled!

Adding the marshmallow buttercream...
Don't they look yummy?

Ooh, a touch of dark chocolate on top is the perfect crowning touch.
Hey, check out the flower in the it coming out of the top of the cupcake?

So, welcome back to me. I hope you enjoyed this little photo essay on cupcake making. I promise to get cracking in my studio soon and produce some much needed cards for your viewing pleasure. I miss working with paper, although I do have lots of creative food posts to share from my summer.