February 21, 2008

In trouble again!

The color combo for today's card was inspired by my friend and blogging buddy, Bobbie, when she created THIS card for the Verve Visual Honored Guest Sketch Challange (Whew, that's a mouthful!) Although I didn't use the same colors, they were close enough that the "feel" was there. Again, I used stamps from VivaLasVegas Stamps. My three year old LOVEs this stamp, and always makes the same face when he sees it, saying,"He's in trouble Mommy."I didn't have matching brads, so I used some Alcohol Inks to color them, hence the color variations if you look closely. The face stamp is MUCH more vibrant when done with black ink, but I wanted to use my blue chalk ink that matched the paper anyway. The rust CS was stamped with a backgrounder from CHF, Houndstooth, with Versamark. I added some white gel pen dots (my pen is dying, can you tell?), and distressed the edges of the rust CS as well.
I LOVE this sentiment, and it fits well with the shocked look on the boy's face too!

Today is the two year anniversary of the day our kids moved in with us. Feb 21, 2006. Crumbgrabber was 6, Stickyfingers was 15 months. WOW! So much has happend in just those two years. I'm so happy we are a family now!

February 20, 2008


I dug out some of my VivaLasVegas stamps to make this card! At one point in my stamping life, I was seriously obsessed with random funny images like these. The LO is based loosely on Julee's MOJO Monday sketch #25. I was in the mood for some bright colors, and I always think brights pair well with black, so I started with some super-bright hot pink, and some eye-watering neon green, and some black. But when I wanted to add some PP I realized that I most likely wouldn't have anything with those colors in it, so back to the drawing board it was!After toning down both the pink and green, the card came together quickly. I used an old Sizzix die for the black oval frame, and since my sentiment wouldn't fit perfectly inside, I popped it up on top after cutting it out! Add some Heidi Swapp pink jewels, a few white eyelets, and oh yeah, a touch of color to her cheeks and call it done!
I really intended to stick to Julee's sketch, but it wasn't working out. I moved things around, and then switched sides, and brought the ribbon lower and made a slit through the PP panel (Basic Grey PP BTW) so my ribbon could see the light sooner!

February 19, 2008

Back in the old day...

Do you yearn for the simpler times? When it was just you, your stamps, some ink, and some paper. Remember those times? Occasionally, I get so caught up in adding "more" to my cards, that I forget that simple can sometimes make a big impact. Not to mention that is can be much easier to mass produce! I used no embellishments on these cards. Only, ink, paper, stamps and adhesive. Using just white CS and one other color (thyme green here), I created a simple Mother's Day card. Repetative stamping can make pretty patterned paper. If I wanted, this card can easily be added to, using some ribbon, brads, glitter, etc.
I then took the same idea and made a Father's Day card. Simple. Quick. Unadorned. But lovely all the same.

Paper: white cardstock (PTI) , thyme CS (SU), tan CS (Bazzill)
Stamps: Serenity, Happy Thougths (Verve Visual)
Ink: Dark Moss, creamy brown (Colorbox liquid chalk)

February 17, 2008

A little bit political...

I'm so behind the times. Seriously. We don't have TV, haven't for quite a few years, so I get my news online and from AM talk radio (which I'm addicted to!). Forgive me if this is old news...just saw this video today on Youtube and wanted to share. I've been a "Mama for Obama" since he first appeared on the scene, but this video/song/speech really hit home with me.

February 15, 2008


Is anyone awake out there in blogland, or are you all sleeping in because you were up late for the Papertrey Ink release party last night? *grin* Some amazing stuff, huh?I'd like to have a stash of "generic" cards on hand for last minute things that crop up unexpectedly, but I enjoy personalizing a card too much to be able to think of good ideas. I usually start with someone in mind before creating a card...that way the colors, design and extras are tailored just to the reciever.
Well last week I decided to get down to business and make a few cards that could be for anyone.
I only made this one. It took me so long just to be able to think up this idea that I was exhausted by the time I was done! But my plan is to use this same sentiment stamp set (Happy Thoughts, by Verve Visual), and make a bunch of cards using this same general layout, but different colors and themes. I used another Verve set for the BG (Wonderful Wishes), and just alternated my placement of the square. I think it looks very cool and geometric. I also used some AI to color the brads to the perfect shade!

February 14, 2008

The more we get together...

Goodness, can anyone save me from the children's songs running through my head?! We've been listening to Raffi all morning, and while I DO enjoy his music and singing, I think I've reached my daily quota!Just wanted to share with you the Valentine I made my mom. I wasn't going to post this (I made it 2 weeks ago), but sentiment finally won. I saw that another AWESOME stamper made a card SO INCREDIBLY similar last week, and because she is so awesome, I thought if I posted everyone would think I CASEd her card. *chuckle* We are silly creatures, aren't we?! Anyway, I'm posting it, because I love my mom. This paticular sentiment stamp from PTI has a few errors in it, and that's why it looks sort-of sloppy and crooked on my card...it is. The "to" is missing completely from the first line, so I inked up the second "to" and tried to stamp it where the first "to" should go. Didn't work so well, but I was NOT going to start over!
I finally broke into my textured SU CS for this card. Why is it that we like to hoard paper instead of using it? *grin* The matting around the tiny oval is cut by hand, because I used the smallest Nestabilitie I had but then wanted small mats too. All stamps by PTI.

Happy St. Valentine's day!

I'm home with two sick children today. NO fun, let me tell you. I was up all night making cupcakes and hand-stamped goody bags for them to take to school and day-care, and now it was all for naught! I made heart-shaped pink pancakes for breakfast, drizzled with local honey and sprinkled with teeny candy hearts and my 8 year old couldn't even eat 3 bites. That's how I knew he was sick! My children RARELY get sugar from me, and NEVER food dye, so to have both in front of him and not eating it was a clear indication that things were not well in the stomach. He asked me to go to school for him today because he was so proud of the cupcakes (I'm that mom who send in only healthy treats, like cut fruit, nuts, whole clementines, air-popped popcorn), and he said "Can you go to school and get my valentines and hand out the cupcakes?" Poor baby. The little one has a temperature, but he ate the pancakes!
I hope you have a wonderful St. Valentine's Day filled with love.

February 11, 2008

Again? Aww mom...

Yes, I know. Another Valentine? Well, this one is actually a CASE of a layout that I saw last week. I liked the simplicity of it, and wanted to adapt it a bit for my students to do. Only now I can't remember where I saw it!

It is super cold here this morning, so much so, that my car wouldn't start. It has never done that before, so I was shocked and I HATE being late. Grrrr, it's one of my little pet peeves.

Did anyone have as crazy a weekend as I? I thought they were supposed to be for relaxing and having fun? NOT! Goodness, I was so busy playing catch-up and trying to get things done, I forgot to rest!

Hence the simple card today. *grin* PP and cute heart pin from Joann's, CS and stamps from SU, ink is Versamagic chalk, and Ranger black, clear EP from Sparkle n Sprinkle, ribbon from my stash.

Here's to a great week!

February 07, 2008

Another Valentine

Digging through my scrap pile last night I came across this piece of red CS that I had stamped white hearts all over and decided to put it to use. I rarely use the guava color from this year's in colors, but I thought it paired well with the red and black.

Nothing fancy, but I like how it turned out. I originally put a square knot bow under the sentiment, but it looked too froofy, so I took it off. Stamps are Verve Visual, Wild Thing.
CS and ribbon are SU. The only ink I used was black and white!

February 06, 2008

ATC note cards?

Is there such thing as ATC note cards? Well, if not, there is NOW! *chuckle* I was looking for the perfect little note card to keep in my office at work, so when something cropped up I'd have a card all ready to go. It seems like there is always someone in my building who is sick, having a rough time, has had a death in the family, or even that something wonderful has happened to, so I wanted something that could cover ALL those potential senerios! Impossible? I think not.
I started with tiny note cards the same size as ATCs, and went from there. The remixed Fancy Florals set from Verve Visual were the perfect compliment. I could easily interchange colors and the "thinking of you" sentiment seemed to fit every occasion possible! After making these three, I wanted to add one more, so I used a few shades of golden yellow and made a fourth one.
After I had all four, I wanted to add a touch of "bling" so two of them got pearl centers, one got bright red stickles, and one received a blue gem! Simple, easy, quick, and they can cover any senerio that might crop up among my co-workers! (except maybe the one where Bill was late because his dog chased a squirrel into the house and up the fireplace chimmney, and Bill had to climb in there to get the squirrel out, and it bit him and he freaked out and then got STUCK in the chimmney, and his wife had to call the fire department to come help get him out, and take him to the hospital to get a rabies shot, and THAT's why he was late to work!) True story from years ago.
But, even then, one of these little note cards might just be the perfect thing! *wink*

Stamps: Fancy Florals Remixed (Verve Visual)
Paper: Vanilla, black, olive (SU)
Ink: Palette Hybrid, Ranger
Accessories: Nestabilities, ribbon and bling from my stash

February 05, 2008

Buttons galore!

I made this card using one of the new Verve sets called Serenity. I embossed the stem of leaves using two different green embossing powders, and then stamped the sentiment in the middle. It is layered on a piece of Basic Gray PP and I surrounded it with various buttons from my stash. Added a small bow on top and called it done. Simple, yet elegant (if I do say so myself!).The newest Verve sets are available for pre-order TODAY! Julee decided that they should be released earlier due to Easter being in March this year. So if you place your order today, not only are you sure to get the newest stamps, but you'll also get 15% off ALL the sets you order! They will start shipping on February 11.

February 04, 2008

Just a quickie!

HAPPY MONDAY! Did everyone have an exciting or a relaxing weekend? Mine was hectic.
I needed a super quick, 5 minute, in-a-hurry card on Sunday for an unexpected reason, so I popped into my studio and came up with this. (it actually took me 6 minutes).

At the last minute I wanted to add some embellishments so I grabbed a bottle of Dew Drops and put 2 each in opposing corners. As soon as I was done, I wished I hadn't. *sigh* Ever added something to a card and then regretted it? Oh well, it was too late to rip them off, because I used tiny glue dots and those baby's STICK! So I was stuck with the result. Had it not been for an emergency purpose, I might have redone the white stamped panel too...Image and sentiment stamps by PTI, background stamp by CHF.

Just a "heads-up" that Verve Visual is having a SALE! That's right, for the month of February ALL STAMPS are 15% off! And Julee is offering free shipping now with any order over $40. I hate paying shipping and handling charges on anything, so that's a God-send to me!
And don't forget about the Honored Guest Sketch Challenge Contest too. Have you submitted YOUR card today?!

February 03, 2008

Forgotten card

This is a card my stamping /cardmaking class made in early December. I just discovered it in an old blog post that I never published. Kraft, pink, and red CS, and stamp by SU. PP is KI memories.
I was tagged by Shannan this morning, so I thought I'd play along.

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Studying in my 2nd year of college as a Musical Theatre major (Independant).
2. Dating my (now) husband.
3. Driving a 1984 Buick Skylard held together with 32 different bumper stickers about peace, love, animal rights, and rainbows.
4. Crying over the death of my Grandfather and my boyfriend's father.
5. Trying to learn who I was. (thanks Shannan!)

Five things on my to do list today:
1. Pack up the Christmas decor (I know, I KNOW!)
2. Collect and return the library books
3. Design Team Projects (Thanks Shannan!)
4. Make a molasses spice cake with tofu cream cheese frosting and brown sugar syrup
5. Go for a long walk

Five things I will do when I am a millionaire:
1. Build my mother an amazing apartment in her barn.
2. Quit my job and move into my childhood home.
3. Start an animal sanctuary on the property surround my home.
4. Contribute even more to the causes that get my money now.
5. Take my kids on a trip around the world!

Five things I will never wear again:
1. Leg warmers
2. My size 12 favorite jeans from HS
3. White gloves to church (my mother used to INSIST on me wearing those darned white gloves!)
4. Jelly shoes and moon boots
5. Jelly bracelets

Five of my favorite toys:
1. My white BlendTec Total Blender
2. My food processor
3. My digital camera
4. My hand made lightbox (courtesy of my DH)
5. My IngenuiTea pot

The five banes of my existence:
1. Mean people
2. War
3. Clutter
4. Bills (no, NOT the football team!)
5. Calories!

Five bloggers I'm Tagging:

February 02, 2008

Shadow Cookie anyone?

Happy Groundhog's Day! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Punxatawney Phil doesn't see his shadow today! I could use some spring weather here in upstate, western NY.
Yesterday was my SIL, Laura's, birth day, and this is the card I sent her. Can you tell I was in a spring mood? *grin*The bottom of the card base is stamped with the Linen BG stamp (SU) in Versamark, and the top part is stamped with a Paisley BG stamp (CHF). Main image is from Papertrey's Out on a Limb set, and the sentiment is from their Limitless Labels set. I like the pale apricot, olive green and brown together a lot.
So how about some cookies?

I like to make Spicy Groundhog Cookies on February 2nd each year. For my recipe click HERE. Aren't they cute? They are spicy with ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, and are chewy in the middle and crunchy on the edges...YUM! I've been sending them to school with my oldest, but since school was cancelled yesterday due to terrible weather, I guess we get to eat them ALL today! *chuckle* I think my DH would willingly do so if I let him!

February 01, 2008

Brrrrrrr...it's FREEZING here!

We're having a severe winter weather warning this morning so everything in the county is closed, including school and both mine and my husband's offices. I can't post from home, due to dial-up and a really old computer that doesn't have ANY photo editing software on it, so maybe when (if?) the sun comes out and the freezing rain and black ice disappear, I'll get into my office and post the card I had slated for today.