September 17, 2007

computer problems

I have LOTS of things to post and my laptop is giving me a hard time! ARGH! For some odd reason, my pictures aren't transferring from my camera. I've tried everything, numerous times. Now I'm just waiting on tech support.

I will be gone all this week in Michigan. I'm going to a conference on the the Emerald Ash Borer for work. I will attempt to post from my hotel, but I'm not making any promises!

I've got some blog candy to give away, so keep your eyes peeled!

Oh, and did you see that I won Julee's Mojo Monday sketch??? AWESOME! I couldn't believe that she picked my card from all those amazing entries. Watch the slideshow and see for yourself!


Marlou said...

Hi Dana, congratulations on winning sketch, hope your computer starts behving soon for you {lol}

malieta said...

Congratulations Dana!

Heidi said...

Hi Dana! Sorry to hear your computer is giving you problems--hope you can get it worked out soon!! A week in Michigan--too bad it wasn't in MN!! lol! Congratulation on winning Mojo Monday!!

Mary said...

Congrats! I knew I liked that card!
Have fun in Michigan, and hopefully you can come up with a way to stop that dreaded Borer!

Jessica said...

CONGRATULATIONS! :) i'm not surprised you won - your card was rockin'! i hope your computer problems are worked out soon.

Marlou said...

your card is in the post , let me know when it gets to you xx

Fruit species said...

Your cards are really beautiful. and your pc probably got jealous of it :) Congrats!