September 14, 2007

Revisiting the rejected

Recently I've been pulling things out of my "crap" pile and playing around with them a bit, hoping to make them into beautiful (or at least functional) cards! It really helps to put things aside and come back later, or at least it does for me. I can see things in a whole new light and sometimes I know just what to add/remove to make the card better.

This one is NOT one of those cards.

This has been in the "crap" pile since the day my Papertrey Green Thumb set arrived in the mail. I've had that small piece of PP (from Paper Mojo) for a long time. When I saw that Papertrey Ink was going to be releasing a set with a pea pod in it, I knew I wanted to use this PP to compliment it. After it arrived I sat down and immediately came up with this card.

I hated it.

It was awful...or at least it WASN'T what I had in mind when thinking about the stamp and the PP together! So it was rejected. I've taken it out of the pile many times to try and re-do it somehow, but just can't seem to "fix" it. So here it is, in all it's embarrassment, proclaiming it's badness to the blogging world. Or at least to my crafty blog readers!

Personally, I think the entire thing needs to be dis-assembled and new CS, new colors and a new LO need to be put into place before this card will ever make the A-list. Maybe the peas need to be stamped in a hot pink, or a blue, maybe the extra curly-cues need to go, mabe it needs some metal embelishments...I don't know. What I DO know, is that I'm done. I do not want to look at this card anymore. Not even while it's in the "crap" pile. So beware. This monstrosity might just be showing up at your door soon! *evil cackle*


Julie Campbell said...

You crack me up! That paper is seriously great though! Don't hate! Maybe a different colored pea pod would do the trick. It's not a bad card at all! Silly girl!

My Paper World said...

I can't believe that you dont like this! I love how it turned out, (and im not just saying that, to get into your good books!!) I honestly love the way everything ties in, to match the paper.
Oh well, I guess we all have cards of our own, that we are not quite happy with sometimes! xx

Marlou said...

its a lovely card Dana!! :)

Mary said...

You're right. This card is terrible. You don't need it cluttering up your craft room. I think you should send it me instead, and I'll show it off and pretend I made it. *Eyes rolling...* You're a dork. This card is adorable. I do think it needs a different CS, though.

Abi said...

Hi Dana
Thank God that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, because I just LOVE this card!
Don't toss it - it's great!

Shadowcatcher said...

You're so funny. I'd be happy to receive this card in the mail. It's really unique and pretty. I love that patterned paper.

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Corie said...

Wow you have a crap pile, me too. This one does not belong there -- I love it!!

Maria said...

I actually think it looks great. I love the embossed bubbles and the bright colored paper. Don't need to throw it into the crap pile. I'm sure someone will love to receive your lovely card!