September 06, 2007

Oldies but goodies

I have nothing new to show you guys! Well, actually, I do, but I can't post them because I haven't taken a picture of them yet!
I've been working on some ATC mock-ups to help me get in the groove for a swap I'm in. I did 2 last night and 2 the night before, but I keep forgetting to take my camera home from my office. I also made a card last night using Julee's sketch, but I didn't think it was "right" so I tossed it. Strangely enough it looks very similar to THIS ONE, that she posted today! Too funny! I'm going to dig it out and show her at least, even if I don't share it here.

What I WILL show you today is a collection of Christmas cards I made for a swap I was in almost FOUR years ago. I was so proud of these cards, and worked really hard to make one of EACH for every participant, and then the host turned out to be a flaker, and kept all the cards and never sent any of the swaps out. Grrrrr. It still eats me up today!
I wasn't a big stamper back then, but I liked working with vintage images and ephemera. I mostly used sentiment stamps back then, instead of images. And if you can't tell, I was really into aging and distressing! I sanded, tore, and DTP inked everything!

I love looking back on my older cards now. It really amazes me to see how my styles and techniques have changed. I also sometimes cringe! *chuckle*
It shows that I have great trust in you folks to be showing these older things on a public blog like this! So no criticisms on these cards, OK?! *grin* (I've done enough of that myself!)


Flossie's Follies said...

WOW, these cards are lovely, bummer that the host did that, wasn't very nice, but you know I do believe in Karma.

Marlou said...

these are really lovely!! xx

malieta said...

These Christmas cards are beautiful Dana. I'm so sorry that you didn't get your cards back...what a bummer:(

Corie said...

No cringing here -- these are just gorgeous.

Tandra said...

OMGosh these are stunning!!
Very Au Currant!! lol
A great style that you shouldnt abandon!!