February 19, 2009

Wedding invitation samples

So I'm back from our mini-vacation and utterly exhausted. Isn't that the way it goes though? *smile* I always seem to need a vacation after returning from vacation!

On a cheerful note, I did receive my Papertrey Ink package containing Damask Designs and had a chance to play around with it last night...Oooh weee, that particular set will be a favorite for years, I know it! AND I discovered that I won a prize package over at the CPS blog too! How's THAT for surprise?

While I have not been creating anything while gone, I do have a ton of wedding invite samples to show. This card above is a rejected (in many ways!) sample I made for a customer months ago. Aside from the fact that I dropped it on the floor while the ink was still wet, and THEN proceeded to roll over it with my stool, it was quite pretty to begin with. (I know you are nodding along with me! We've all been there, right? Right? *sudden alarming look* Please tell me I'm NOT the only one who does absurd things like that!)

This one below is similar (minus the stool wheel marks and smudged ink) just a different LO and size. The embossed frame in the middle isn't so apparent from the photo, but does add a nice inlay look in person.

Inside view:

The bride was looking for cherry blossoms, and although most of the samples I created for her were in the navy/lavender color scheme (as requested), I did step outside their wedding colors and create a few like these two just for contrast.

Thanks for stopping by. Maybe I'll show some more samples in the next few days...
Have a great day!


Jessica said...

These are just lovely. i plan on making our invites for our wedding next year. Luckily, it will probably be a pretty small affair...
And yes, i've run over a few cards with my chair...i also find myself often on my hands and knees, searching the carpet for dropped brads or itty bitty acrylic stamps that fall off the block. Fun!

Jessica said...

Oh, and congrats on winning!

Julie Mutch said...

Dana, these wedding invitation samples are gorgeous! I love the cherry blossoms and the layouts that you used. I think any bride would be thrilled with these! Great job! :)


Jen said...

I still love them! So do they! Hopefully, they will set the alternate date soon! Good news, though! He isn't getting shipped out this summer!!! YAY!!!

InspiredByInk said...

Wow, you STILL amaze me w/your creativity! Wish i had just a pinkie full!

Love the 'roller' card! hehee That's why I stamp standing up! Nothin' like a footprint on your card to make you cringe in defeat with the realization you have to recreate the whole thing! hehe