March 04, 2009

The re-emergence of the A7

A long time ago in a studio craft room very close by...the A7 sized card was very popular. Then stamping was discovered and the A7 became obsolete as the newer, better, smaller A2 sized was instituted.
Just for old-time's sake I thought I'd make a larger card like I used to. I miss the freedom of the larger canvas, and have several stamps that are better suited to big spaces.
This is for my great-niece Elizabeth who will be 9 in a few weeks. She is very artsy and loves to create things with paper and glitter and glue and beads and markers and stickers and...*grin*

All supplies except image stamp, claret ink and brown brad are PTI. The berry/vine stamp is from Stampington.
I like how cheerful and spring-like this card is. I'm happy with how it turned out too! (is that okay to say?) Maybe some more A7 cards are in my future...

Thanks for stopping by! I hope I've inspired YOU to change up your canvas size today.


Dana said...

Nice Dana! I have a hard time with the larger cards since they always seem to have too much real estate. Yours fits just right! Love that PTI cardstock color combo...very happy :)

InspiredByInk said...

Hey you! I realize now that PTI has drawn you to the dark side (hehe) so I am 'officially' requesting an SU card in the next week if possible.

I don't know if you are UP to the CHALLENGE baby! If not, I will understand... *sniff sniff*


Bobbie *Ü*

Any thoughts on spring break?

Anonymous said...

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