April 08, 2017

Blog Hop: Stamping for Autism Awareness

Cheerio! Welcome to another stop on the Stamping for Autism Awareness Blog Hop. 

Autism is such an important topic to keep in the forefront of our conversations. Being kind, open, non-judgmental, and inclusive towards all of our fellow human beings should be the first step!

I created three cards for today's hop. 

This one is my favorite. My son helped color the heart and the sentiment says it all! Stamps are from The Project Bin. The set is called Spencer's Set and has lots of good sentiments to fit this puzzle piece heart image.You should totally check it out!

I love this card too. It's near and dear to my heart. Although my kiddos aren't on the Autism Spectrum, they have special needs and we deal with several issues on a daily basis. I tell them all the time that it's okay to be different and it doesn't make them any less human than any other kid out there!
The digital image came from MelonHeadz, and was free! I created the sentiment in a word program. 

For my last card I wanted something to really push home the idea that people with Autism are not dumb, stupid, or any one of the many despicable things they are called. They merely see, feel, and relate to the world around them in a way that others can't understand. Digital image is from MelonHeads and I added the sentiment to the center using my computer. 

I hope you are enjoying the Autism Awareness Blog, and I hope you are inspired to show compassion for those with Autism by including them, and treating them as you would anyone else!
 Thanks for stopping by, 

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Tracie Pond said...

Such sweet cards, Dana. Love how you incorporated the puzzle pieces. =)

stampingbowd said...

Awww! Dana, I am misty-eyed with a lump in my throat! Your cards are so beautiful!!! I absolutely love that your son colored the puzzle pieced heart!!! The digi image is precious!!!! I love that sentiment, "Different not Less" and wow, "Bright not Broken"!! We had some long difficult but also beautiful days raising our little boy who is now doing amazingly well, living on his own, etc. But there were so many really hard days. I remember our little guy having a meltdown in a store and my sister said it changed her, she would never again turn around and look at a mom who's child was wailing in a store. I love what you wrote: Being kind, open, non-judgmental, and inclusive towards all of our fellow human beings should be the first step! TFS your beautiful cards!

Tenia Nelson said...

I am sooooo LOVIN all of your AWESOME cards, Miss Lady!! Thanks for joining us today!

conil said...

Woot. A trifecta of eye popping goodness. Love them all...and that sentiment on the first card makes me swoon.

Lieve said...

3 oh so beautiful cards, with great sentiments !
I have a sister with special needs, and your cards just say it all !
Thank you !!
Warm greetings from Belgium,

Nazeema Calypso Thompson said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love each and all 3 of them!! Lov ethe images and the sentiments created for them! Tell your son he did and amazing job coloring the image too!!! Thank you for joining us and sharing awareness with these beauties.

AJ Bodine said...

I agree with everything you wrote, I love all 3 of your cards, they are perfect for this hop. Very creative!

Kate said...

Such wonderful cards! I just LOVE that your son helped you colour the top one. What special time together!! My youngest has autism so I'm most thankful for this hop and the work you and others are doing to promote awareness and acceptance.

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Teresa Doyle said...

Dana, your cards are amazing. I esp. love the sentiment on the first card, although they are all wonderful! So sweet that your son helped you colour it! Our babies are our babies and we love them just as they are. Its important for EVERYONE to remember this when after all, we are ALL different! TFS your cards and your story!