July 19, 2007

I'm rockin'!

As I'm sure you've noticed (unless you don't blog surf) that there is a flurry of nominations going around for Rockin' Girl Blogger. I was nominated by Julee at Poetic Artistry. Thanks! Now I have to nominate 5 others, and I know exactly who I want to choose!
  • Malieta--at Life's Simple Pleasures. She posts a wonderful mix of cards, scrapbook LOs, and family photos. I like the whole shebang!
  • Jill--at Paper Memories. Not only does she love camping and children's books (no bias here *grin*), but she has some lovely cards too.
  • Jan--at Paper Tango. Her blog is full of interesting cards, great ramblings, and fun tips. Plus she's a veggie like me. (Did I mention there was no bias going on?)
  • Bobbie--at Inspired by Ink. She's a great friend, a creative card maker and a fantastic mom. She is totally ROCKIN'.
  • Jessica--at Handmade by Jessica. This girl has got it goin' on! She has some MAD talent in the crafting world. Check out her incredible clay beads!
  • Jen--at Dreams, Gem, and Family. Not only is she my SIL, she's an incredible jewelry maker, Photographer, and Mom. She juggles life like no other and fully deserves the Rockin' Girl Blogger tag.

So there you have, my five..umm, I mean SIX nominees for the Rocking Girl Blogger Tag!


Flossie's Follies said...

Congratulations your Rock Blogger Girl

Heidi said...


Jessica said...

You're definitely a Rockin' Girl Blogger, Dana! And thanks for the props! :) So do i now need to nominate 5 others? How does this work? i don't think i know that many blogs that haven't probably been nominated already...