August 28, 2007

Floral spray Birthday

I hate being away from a computer for so long! (can you hear me whining?) I miss my blog, I miss other people's blogs, I miss my email messages, I just don't like being computer-less for more than 3 days. I've realized my limit, and that is it!
While we did have a very nice long weekend away for our anniversary, I am so happy to be back and on schedule again. Now I just need to start school shopping for next week!
I love this card. Is that immodest of me to say? Well, I do anyway! *grin* Sometimes what you are picturing in your head comes together just perfectly IRL. I made this for my best friend (of 28 years) who turns 31 on Friday, the 31st. She prefers my more simple cards so I tried to keep this from overwhelming her.
I stamped the flowers from Verve Visual's Fancy Florals in versamark ink on white CS and clear embossed them. Then I stippled some aqua ink around them and stamped the flower bursts in green. The sentiment is embossed in black to make it stand out and then the panel is mounted on green and black CS to an aqua card base. I added the black eyelets as a finishing touch after putting both ribbons on it too. Have I mentioned that I really like this card? *wink*

I want to share a few pictures of this past weekend. On Saturday evening, we went to a restaurant on the lake that some friends of ours own, had a great meal, enjoyed the view, and drank some local wine. During our dinner, a thunderstorm passed through and it rained a bit, but was still sunny and we talked about rainbows and how we didn't see them as often as we used to. When we walked out the front door of the restaurant this is what greeted us! Amazing.

On Sunday night we went to a Willie Nelson concert (I don't care for country music, but I DO like Willie!) and on the way home around 11 pm we passed this rusty old truck parked outside of a body shop. We thought it was cute the way they made it up to look like "Mater" from the movie CARS, so I took a pic of my DH standing by it.
This is a photo of my great-nephew (on the left) and his cousin (who isn't really related to me in a way that I could explain to you). I liked this shot a lot. Especially the shadow of his hand on his shirt.

This last picture is of our youngest in a chair with a little girl my sister watches. I liked how opposed they were to each other!


Flossie's Follies said...

You are right that is a great card, love the photos, thanks for sharing.

malieta said...

Very nice card Dana!
I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your family. Thank you for sharing the photos also!

Shadowcatcher said...

Looks like you had a fun trip. The card is FABULOUS! Love the crisp clean layout with a splash of color. Did I mention that I love this card? LOL ;)

So Sonya said...

Glad you had a lovely time! That card is gorgeous!

Shannan said...

Holy smokes that an awesome card!! And yes you can say it's awesome!!
So glad you had a great weekend...that pic of your babe is adorable.

Beth said...

You have every right to love that card. It is perfection!!!! I love the colors, the layout, the simplicity.... Your pictures are awesome, as well! Glad you had a great weekend and a safe return!

Mary said...

Hey, that's my birthday card!! I love it too, and everything else you gave me!! I got started last night...and I sat there for 2 hours experimenting!! It was fun, but I have a long way to go!! Pics are great-I'm happy to say I was there for most of them...and I love the pic of Joey and Joshua-cute. Why is that boy's face ALWAYS dirty?? LOL!

Corie said...

Wow I love this one too. You can shout it from the roof -- It is a true MASTERPIECE!!!

The kiddies are so adorable.

Jen said...

Those pictures are fabulous! I love the one of G! LOL!

This card is unbelievable! To me, it looks like the design is just floating. It's almost as if you airbrushed the color onto the card. Truly amazing.

Heidi said...

Dana I love this card!! WOW the color are so great together it just pops!! Great photos!!