August 23, 2007

Happy Anniversary to me

Today is my wedding anniversary, four years. The other day someone asked me how long DH and I had been married and I had to do the math in order to tell them! How sad is that? I guess when you've been together for 10, the years all start to blurr together. *smile* We started dating in college; he was 17, I was 20! (I know, I know, I've heard all the jokes *grin*) But he looks older!I'm sure I saw this design somewhere, because when I took out this set to make my DH his anniversary card, this immediately came to mind, and, I'll be honest, most of my ideas do not come that quickly! I really wanted it to be masculine, yet pretty. Is that weird?
I used grey CS and a small piece of Basic Grey PP (Periphery) and slate grey ink. I also silver embossed the pop-up medallion, but it doesn't show up too well in this photo.

I'm hoping we can meet for a long lunch today, as going out to a show or dinner is practically impossible. We have no friends nor family close by to baby-sit, and I'm weary of teenage babysitters in this small town. Since February of 2006, when our children moved in with us, we have only been out together alone 2 times! In both instances my mom was visiting for the weekend and offered to watch them while we went out to dinner. So, we try to occasionally meet up for lunch when our work schedules allow. I didn't realize how important "couple time" was until we got children! Sometimes we barely talk! Anyway, I love my husband dearly. He's generous, highly intelligent, loving, creative, and adorable. *grin*


Jessica said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :) i hope you guys can get out together soon! i feel your pain - Paul and i rarely have dates without the young'n. It's so hard to find someone you trust with your kids.

Heidi said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I hope you both can take and extra long lunch today!! I know it is hard to find someone that you can trust to watch your kids these days. If we ever do anything the kids go to grandma & grandpa's. I don't think it sounds weird to want your card to be masculine and also pretty! Great card and it does have both of those qualities. I'm sure he will love it!! Enjoy your lunch time!!

Flossie's Follies said...

Happy Anniversary, hope your lunch plans work out. The card is fantastic.

Corie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! Love the card.

Julie Campbell said...

Happy Anniversary, Dana! I wish I lived closer! I'd babysit for you! We live only about 1 mile from my parents.... yet last year, my husband and I only were away from the kids 3 days. I feel your pain! :)

I LOVE that card, btw! I'm sitting here trying to figure out if the Baroque image is actually on acetate and leaving a shadow... or if you just stamped it that way! I never can get my 'shadows' to look that real!

Ewokgirl said...

Happy Anniversary! I do wish you lived nearby. I could recommend several trustworthy babysitters to you. (I work with the youth at church, and while I have no kids of my own, if I did, I'd have no qualms about leaving them in the care of our youth.)

That card is stunning, btw.

Jen said...

Happy Anniversary, you two! I would nephew-sit but the commute is a bit much, right now!

Thought about you often today. Remembered the wedding and the matching toe rings, the pier and the beautiful day you were blessed with.

DH and I have used grocery store outings as dates, even with the kids along. We've been known to do what you and G did in Winchester. Remember when he danced you down the aisle of the store? Yeah, we do that. Embarasses the HECK out of the kids! It's great!

Love the card. He's going to love it!

Martha said...

Happy Anniversary, Dear Ones!

Love you all!