August 09, 2009

Did I say I loved fruit?

A few days ago this card came to me in a dream. Seriously! I woke up, sketched it out on the pad I keep by my bed and then earlier last week executed it in my studio. It turned out just as I has pictured. Love the bright colors together with the white. Do you ever dream of cards and layouts? Seems crazy, but it happens frequently to me.
I don't have the new scalloped punch that seems to be appearing everywhere, so I just drew some waves and cut them out approximately. But the white border punch underneath made it look really crooked! Oh well, it's art, right?
The cherry stamp is from PTI's new Everyday Button Bits stamp set.
I originally thought I wouldn't get this set, but at the last second added it to my cart and have been loving it ever since!
Thanks for stopping by today!


Deanna said...

Love it, great color combo!

Mary said...

This is the cherry stamp, and the buttons are perfect! Nice job! By the way, I miss you! Indeed - it has been too long!!

Jen said...

The cherry color and theme, paired with that beautiful pale blue, gives it a wonderful retro feel. So perfect!

Maile Belles said...

Simple adorable! Ideas always pop up when I am laying in bed, I have a sketch book next to my bed too! I found your blog through the PTI forum and you have got some amazing work here.

Natasha said...

This card is gorgeous! I love the colour combination and layout, it's definitely getting saved into my inspiration folder :D

..::Paulina::.. said...

LOVE the colors and the design of this card! From your samples, it looks like you are enjoying the Everyday Button Bits set as much as I am! :)