August 31, 2009

PTI Princess Challenge & a contest

First up, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend forever, Mary. She's my girl! And she turns...what is it this year Mary? The big 3-oh?!? *grin* (It's actually 33, and let me just say that I am delighted she is a year older than me!) We've been friends since we were 2 and 3, can you believe it? She's the best I tell ya.

Secondly, Belinda, a fellow PTI Princess, issued a challenge on her blog Friday. And I met it! She went dress shopping at Anthropologie and picked out three dresses for the rest of us PTI Princesses to be inspired by. Here's the one I chose: Isn't it funky? I decided to go literal for my inspiration piece and am happy with how it turned out. I love it when it comes out looking like you planned in your head! But in case it didn't, I made another card too (from a different dress) to use as a backup. *wink* Maybe I'll share it later this week. Here's my challenge card:
I started with a base of Vintage Cream CS and just built it up from there. Flower after flower it became that little dress! I do wish I could have used the border punch at the top instead of the bottom to more closely resemble the dress, but no such luck.
So, here's where the contest part comes in.
To celebrate Mary's birthday, I will be drawing a random name from the list of participants who can correctly name ALL of the PapertreyInk stamp sets I used on this card. Each one! (and there are seven, folks. Yep, SEVEN different sets!) But I'm not giving you anymore hints. nada.
And I promise that you will not be disappointed by the prize. After all, I did just win a $600 gift basket filled with crafting goodies! *grin* I can afford to share!
So post away with your have until Saturday night at 8 PM EST to enter.
Have fun, and thanks for stopping by today!


Jackie said...

1. Background Basics Retro
2. Beautiful Blooms
3. Mega Mixed Messages
4. Piece of Cake
5. With Sympathy
6. Spiral Bouquet
7. Everyday Classics

Melissa said...

I think I got it, LOL!
1. Beautiful Blooms
2. Everday classics
3. Piece of Cake
4. Mega Mixed Messages
5. Garden of Life
6. Sprial Bouquet
7.Background Basics: Retro

Your card is gorgeous Dana! I love your interpretation!

Julie Campbell said...

$600!!! OH MY GOSH! That's frickin' awesome! :) I LOVE your card! It's such a perfect replica of your inspiration piece! And... I have a couple of minutes, so I'm going to try to guess the stamp sets. (fun!) :)

1. Beautiful Blooms
2. Spiral Bouquet
3. Background Basics - Retro
4. With Sympathy
5. Mega Mixed Messages
6. '08 Anniversary Set (everyday classics)
7. Piece of Cake

... OK. That was tough! ;)

Sandy Kay said...

Cool Card!

1. Background Basics: Retro
2. Beautiful Blooms
3. With Sympathy
4. Piece of Cake
5. Everyday Classics (Anniversary Set)
6. Mega Mixed Messages
7. Spiral Bouquet

That was a little tricky!

anya said...

What a fun challenge - I couldn't resist!

1. Background Basics: Retro
2. Mega Mixed Messages
3. Beautiful Blooms
4. With Sympathy
5. Spiral Bouquet
6. Everyday Classics
7. Piece of Cake

How fun! :)

Belinda said...

Wow! LOVE this card! Such a perfect replica! :)

And my guesses are:
1. Background Basics - Retro
2. Beautiful Blooms
3. Mega Mixed Messages
4. With Sympathy
5. Everyday Classics
6. Piece of Cake
7. Spiral Bouquet (this one took me the longest!)

Mary said...

Wow. I'm not nearly as gifted at identifying PTI stamps sets as everyone else, so I'm not even going to try. ( guys are GOOD!) However, I will say that, considering the contest was in honor of my birthday, I will be sure to nose though whatever you have left and beg for some prizes of my own...Teeheehee...congrats, Forever Friend...what an awesome win, and that's such a pretty card...and LOVE that dress!!

Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

I think I may have the answers:
1. Background Basics: Retro
2. Beautiful Blooms
3. Piece of Cake
4. With Sympathy
5. Mega Mixed Messages
6. Everyday Classics
7. Floral Frenzy
The background paper is:
1. Hand stamped with Polka Dots Basic or
2. It's from the itty-bitty Dot Paper Collection
Happy Birthday and may you have abundant blessings,
Marilyn in Texas

Lee said...

Your card is absolutely fabulous. I love it.

1. Background Basics: Retro
2. Piece of cake.
3. Spiral Bouquet
4. With Sympathy
5. Beautiful Blooms
6. Everyday Classics
7. Mega Mixed Messages

BethieJ said...

BEAUTIFUL card Dana.. you ROCKED the challenge!!!!

Mara... said...

You absolutely hit this one out of the park! This card is amazing, I just love the black with all those fun bright colors!!!

IamDerby said...

This is so pretty Dana!