August 13, 2009

Life is Great!

I keep telling myself, "tomorrow's Friday, just hang in there"but it's hard isn't it? Seems like it's all I can do just to make it through the week sometimes.
Then I think about how wonderful my life really is, and I feel as if I should celebrate! How lucky are most of us, really? Things could always be worse...we have so much to be thankful for.

This card is a result of a few scraps lying on my desk that caught my eye and made me see something beyond the obvious (scraps, that is.)
It came together so quickly that I hardly had time to think any of the process through! How serendipitous is that? (is that even a word?)

I'm keeping it simple today. You guys know how to put a card together anyway! All supplies PTI.

Think happy thoughts. Be grateful. Delight in life.

Thanks for stopping by.


Taheerah said...

Loving 'Life' Dana, and loving this card as well!

Melissa said...

You are right- the fact that we are able to have a hobby at all is wonderful and we should delight in life! Thanks for the good reminder! Your card is the blues and green!!

Beth said...

Dana, I love this card. It would make a great cover for a date planner. I miss all of you so much. Kiss your honey and kids for me. Love you, Mom M

Marilyn said...

I love the simplicity of your card... it's a good reminder for life: Take pleasure in the little moments, celebrate those little moments and let the Lord take care of the big stuff... it's really that simple!
Marilyn in Texas

Jaspere said...

This is gorgeous. Love the buttons on the ribbon like that. Thanks for the inspiration and showing me something new.

Jessica said...

This card may be simple, but it's stunning! And it employs my favorite colors, blue and green. Awesome!