February 21, 2007


Remember this post, where I mentioned that I won some blog candy? Well I received a bountiful package in the mail this weekend from Sarah Fishburn. Not only did she send me the collaged heart pendant, but some other great things as well!A neat card that she obviously created (it has an old pic of her mom and her aunt on it!), a fun, colorful ATC, a beautiful journal made in Nepal with hand made papers, a large collaged magnet and 3 tiny collaged pins! WOW. I stuck the magnet on my filing cabinet at work and already a few people have commented on it. The best thing about the pendant is that it has two sides.

Isn't it gorgeous? My favorite color is orange so I've been wearing that side out since I got it, but tomorrow I am planning my shirt around the colors on the other side. LOL!
Thank you so much Sarah for having a blog giveaway, I'm delighted that I won!


sf said...

So glad you like it and really, they are meant to be worn either side out!!

Lisa said...

It's beautiful! Lucky you! What is the heart made out of? I couldn't tell from her blog.

Dana said...

Lisa, I'm not sure EXACTLY what it is, but it's quite heavy...maybe a metal or ceramic of some sort? Possibly even thick glass. I'll ask her why don't I?

Urban Vegan said...

funkily gorgeous.

Dana said...

I asked Sarah and she told me, "I make the necklaces with my husband's swimming medals as the base ---
when he swims at
meets held in the next town south of us, the winners receive
heart shaped medals."

How COOL is that?!?!

lisa said...

cool! Thanks dana!