February 12, 2007

Blog candy!

Nope. Not FROM me...FOR me! I actually WON some blog candy! I mean, I never win anything. Ever. And boy has my luck been down lately. *shaking head*

I found out that I won an incredible piece of art by Sarah Fishburn. She is an amazing artist. I go to her blog just to drool! It's a collaged heart pendant and she actually sells them at Whole Foods! I know you want to see them, so check them out here. I can't wait till it arrives! I was thinking I might give it away as a gift, but I've changed my mind (without even having seen it), and intend to wear it every day to remind myself to create SOME form of art always.

The second blog candy I won was from Craft Critique. This place is really great. It's like the consumer reports of the crafting world. No advertising, just honest, unsolicited advice on crafting tools, products, and supplies. I read their article on the Crop-a-dile today and it was just what I was looking for! I'm not sure what I won yet...it was a secret. But it's a whole BOX full of goodies! Read about it here, and bookmark this blog, because you will return often to read the reviews!

This whole winning thing had done wonders for my mood. I just might have to offer some blog candy of my own! Stay tuned to see...*wink*


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lucky you Dana!! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Wow, how fun!! :) It's such a treat to win a little prize. :) If postage were less, I would give away more stuff. :)

michelle sturgeon said...

Congratulations! how fun!

Craft Accident said...

And forgive me; because I DID NOT make it to the POST office this week! but your goods from Craft Critique are ready to ship... weather permitting I will send them MONDAY!

Thanks for reading!