March 06, 2007

Creatively frugal

ETA: I drew a name from the comments left and Jessica won! Jessica, please email me your mailing address and I will send those pop dots right out. Sorry for the delay, I had forgotten that I was going to draw a name on the morning of my wisdom teeth removal surgery. *slaps hand to forhead*

This might be old news to some of you, but I don't normally use pop dots, so it came as a surprise last week when I realized I had used my last one. I had this leftover piece of pop dot 'mesh' (for lack of a better word). You know, the in-between stuff that's left over after all the tiny circles have been used? Well, I couldn't bare to throw it away, so *LIGHT BULB* I just cut off a few tiny pieces of the extra and used them as pop shapes!Who says they have to be round, right? They still have the same sticky on both sides, they were easy to cut through, and nothing stuck to my scissors. It felt so good to be using something that I might have tossed out!
What other creatively frugal ideas have you come up with? Post your tip here and one lucky person will receive a brand new package of pop dot love!
Just share your frugal craft tip with all of us. Drawing will be held on Friday, March 9th.


Debbie said...

Great tip... don't know that I would have thought of that. Thanks! :)

Dawn Mercedes said...

Hehe...hey! I use middle foam of my foamies too! Great minds think alike.

Here's my frugal tip. If you pay for it in chance, it doesn't count! A month or so ago, I was a little sad for no reason really. So I rounded up all the change I could find. In the car, in my make up drawer, on the dresser, in the junk drawer. Then my youngest son and I went to the dollar store and had a shopping spree. He got to get something and I got a few sometimes. I found a bunch of fun stuff to refurbish and a few craft supplies as well!

Remember...if you pay for it with doesn't count!

Jan Scholl said...

My local stamp lady uses the sheets by cutting them up into small peices and using them as pop peices. I have never seen her use a round dot ever. Its always small odd peices but it works.

Jessica said...

Yay for the frugal crafter! It's funny you blog about this - about 2 - 3 weeks ago i was about to throw away the remnants of my pop dots and i had the same idea! i now save mine, too, and use every bit i can! :)
Other frugal ideas? These are probably old hat to most crafters, but i use foam brushes a lot (i'm frugal with those by rinsing them and reusing until they're shot) and i save the wooden handles. i'm sure i'll find uses for them. i also save those $4 flat rate mailers you get at the PO - i cut those to use as paper storage. And i save even small scraps of PP to shred and use for filler in mailing stuff or for confetti, should the need arise.
i love the new look of your blog, btw!

gremhog said...

I am sure most people would say, being nice, that I am frugal with layers on my cards. That's not exactly true. I just have a problem remembering to make layers.

But to be nice to myself, I'll say it's because I am frugal.

Y said...

It's funny you posted hit me a couple of months ago in the same situation...I had run out, was in the middle of a card and really needed to finish it!!!

Everyone may already know this but my great demo, Sue, just told us these two tips:

1. In order to get matching ribbon, you can take white grosgrain ribbon and ink it up on your stamping pad. Works well with SU ribbon not so much with other ribbon i've tried.

2. To get different coloured brads,dip the brad you have into versamark, dip into embossing powder and heat.

Is Sue great or what?!