March 02, 2007

We have a winner!

The winner was drawn by our oldest foster son this morning at 9:04 Am. He's home sick from school today and I made him get off the couch to pick a name! Don't you love his camouflage feety pajamas?The winner is JEN!
Here's her comment: "something crazy about me.....I played Rugby in college :o) Short lived but I loved it. my partner in VSN crime, dawnmercedes referred give her an extra entry OK!"
Congratulations Jen, send me your mailing address and your package will be on it's way tomorrow morning! I was surprised actually that Allison or Dawn didn't win. They each had a ton of entries through referrals. Just goes to show that there is no rhyme or reason in drawing a name from a bowl!

Thanks for playing everyone. I had fun reading all those crazy facts about you! Some were crazier than others though! And oddly enough, quite a few of them could have applied to me too. Does that mean I'm REALLY crazy? *grin* (BTW Claudia F, my mom and brother both have webbed toes too!)


Dawn Mercedes said...

Ooooh...Jen is a wiener!

Jen said...

OMG!!! I cannot believe it! I never win anything!!! Wow...huge thanks to Dawn for letting me know about the blog candy and the winner being posted.
Purple is my all time fav color too!


lisa said...

Yay! congrats Jen! I couldn't think of anything bizarre about me (go figure!) but I'm sure you'll have other contests! ;-)

Michelle said...

Yippee, Jen! Enjoy your cool new goodies!

kathy said...

congrats jen and enjoy your win. purple is the best color ever