March 07, 2007

Happy Mail!

Don't you love it when packages arrive in the mail? I received a big box of goodies from Craft Critique last night! I'd almost forgotten that I won some blog candy there a week or so ago. This box was PACKED. I mean, stuffed-so-full-it's-hard-to-open packed! I couldn't even take a picture of everything at once.
I got my first beaded pen! It was made to match the journal and they are both so cute. I like how the pen feels too. You'd never know it was covered with tiny little beads. I could get used to this! See that adorable red mailbox too? Isn't it fun looking? There were a few stamps, a bunch of fun fibers, lots of stickers, a scrapbooking calander type thing that looks like it will be neat, photocorners, bags of die-cuts, clips, ribbon, a mini stapler, embellishments, and I could go on and on!

Thank you very much Sarah! I was so amazed by the blog candy you sent, that I had to sit right down and make a thank you card. Nothing like a little inspiration, right?
I'll post the card after she receives it. I wanted to use one of the stamps she sent me, but I was so excited that I just ran to my studio and started working! Not even thinking about the lovely rubber I left sitting on the dining room table where I emptied the box. *sheesh*


Anonymous said...

Wow! Quite a score. I'm totally jealous! Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw.

Debbie said...

Definitely some really cool stuff! How in the world do people afford so many fun little embellishments, not to mention the time that goes into all the GREAT creations that are made with them.

Very envious am I! :)